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O Rebu (1974– )
A rich and tasteful dramaturgy experience at 70' s
17 January 2008
Exactly 27 years before Jack Bauer started his saga against evil inside a 24 hours period, O Rebu did the same in a soap opera (telenovela). A body floating in a pool during a party. Before reveal who's the murder, as natural expectations, writer Bráulio Pedroso decided to offer other questions to his audience: who is the body? He? She? Why? How? With this strategy Pedroso keep the ball jumping during more than 100 chapters (dayly, from Monday to Friday). Peripheral plots and sub-plots made O Rebu a rich and tasteful dramaturgy experience – Walter Avancini used its creative mind and large experience in TV and movies, exploiting sophisticated gripping and pushing camera techniques to the limit of TV technology at that time. Mystery, passion, intrigue, politics (Brazil was under a military dictatorial government) and a revolutionary idea for a soap opera: the whole five months of the season happened around 24 hours, immediately before and after the party. Even flashbacks happened strictly under that scenic period.
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