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Visually Stunning, Mind Blowing Anime
6 May 2003
Intelligence and Anime rarely coincide. In fact I've never met one that had both. There is intriguing Anime, thought provoking, but Lain is actually intelligent Anime.

First off let me emphasize you are not meant to fully understand this series. You're meant to interpret it by seeing the views displayed. Second, this series takes the border between fantasy and reality and kills it. Over, and over, and over.

Lain is a series that is simply about anything we encounter in life, from society to government secrets. Some people may be jarred and confused as some of the episodes have little to do with the others. It wraps up nicely with an oddly viewed display of thoughts on religion, as well as human existance.

You can't really say this is a bad or good series, either way, your mind will be blown.
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Arjuna (2001– )
So far, so good
6 May 2003
I've only seen the first six episodes of Arjuna.

I've also become a vegetarian since.

With stunning(yet not always well blended) CG artwork, an odd yet still interesting plot, Arjuna is not something you want to look over, unless you really, really like meat.

Music is directed by the ever awesome Yoko Kanno and the voice casting is perfect. All of the characters look like people, not to mention they move realistically, too. The plot is a bit preachy but it's just trying to get the job done. The humour in Arjuna does not rely on swirly or starry eyes, but on things that would happen in every day life. Every day life if you were a girl with hair that goes weird everytime the earth is in trouble, that is.

From what I've seen, the series ties events together nicely, and is stunning visually and pleasing to the ears. From what I've seen, I also highly recommend.
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FLCL (2000–2018)
14 April 2003
This series is short, six episodes long. But it doesn't NEED anymore(since it's an OAV it doesn't need filler episodes) After seeing the first episode, you're just going to sit there and stare, and wonder what twisted mind came up with this. However, this series does have a plot, though you really don't need to follow it because the series itself is entertaining.

It resolves namle around a 12 year old boy, Naota, and his insane alien housekeeper, Haruko Haruharu. Haruko popped into Naota's life by whacking him on the head(which she continually does throught the series) and reviving him with some creepy CPR. After that TV-Boy pops out of Naota's forehead, and shortly after....People get lost.

I was told the entire series was drawn on computers(do not mistake that for CG) and is....uncanny. They also change styles alot and do parodies and mock offs of other things, many other things.

I have to admit at first sight I didn't really want this to have a serious backbone because I thought it would end up terribly.(I hated Trigun's ending.) Suprisingly, it's rather good. Basically it acknowledges that you have to realize despite his wise cracks and insane life, Naota is STILL a twelve year old KID. ANd it takes him awhile to realize that, too. This series is great for laughs, above all else.
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