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No plot, bad fight scenes, no continuity. And those are the good things.
26 December 2013
This movie doesn't even have gratuitous violence - just stupidity. I'm sad that Ving Rhames and Steven Seagal have sunk so far from their heyday performances.

There's no pre-story, no explanations of what's going on in the beginning. It seems that the director wanted to have a movie with lots of fight scenes to hide the lack of story. They even ruined that, as Steven Seagal can't fight anymore, and that's noticeable. Also, the other kid may be able to move, but the fights look like they were scripted by a 5 year old.

Oh, and I'm tired of the "whisper voice" that Seagal has done for way too many years. Boring.

I may have only spent $1.20 to rent it at Redbox, but that was a complete waste of money.
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