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I thought it was just going to be another sleazy low budget horror film... I was terribly wrong.
13 December 2011
I've watched Schramm, Nekromantik 1 and 2. Der Todesking is really at the top of them. I spent like 40 EU on the movie. I didn't buyed it because I was a 100% sure it was good, I bought it because it was a rare film to find. When I finally saw it, I knew that the value of the film was above money.

The film is an essay on death and more than that is an analysis on audiovisual violence.

Der Todesking is an Art film with the soul of a Horror film.

If I would have to make a list of the films that I've saw in my life this film would definitely be on the top 10.

This is not a splatter film. Blood is shown only in a couple of scenes, nevertheless the film leaves you powerful visual impression.
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Cold Weather (2010)
The end is questionable... but the rest is filled with suspense.
3 July 2011
This movie really makes it. It grips you to the characters and especially to the story, nevertheless the end is unsatisfying... and I literally mean unsatisfying. The story is gut, the character feel so real, and the movie itself is filled with fantastic suspense and many laughing moments This film is like a detective story. First we are introduced to Doug, a drop out of high school with studies in forensic science.He is a fan of Detective stories and especially of Sherlock Holmes. He gots a job in an ice factory and there he meets Carlos. Doug borrows Carlos a Sherlock Holmes book and he also starts to like detective stories. One day Doug's ex-girlfriend visits Oregon and Carlos goes out with her. She suddenly disappears and Carlos. Becomes worried about her. Both, Doug and Carlos get int the adventure of finding her.

I saw the film in the Filmfest of Munich and after the film was over, the audience had the chance to make questions to the director. Mr. Aaron Katz told us that he wanted to write a story that dealed about the brother and sister relations, which according to him wasn't a very used theme and that most of the times that this theme was used were stories of rivalry. If there is something that you will like about the movie is the scenes of Doug with her sister. Doug uses her car, makes her steal a book from the library, asks her to drive him to every he wants, etc. He also added that the end was like that because he wanted to deliver the message that everything was solved and that the characters would continue their lives.

I recommend the film, even though the ending is not what many people would like, this film rocks. This is the type of film sticks you the feeling of: "I wanna know more, I WANNA KNOW MORE!"
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