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Come and Feel Inspired by this soulful self introspection ride...
12 August 2013
Seldom comes a movie which makes you smile , feel good and Inspired.. This is one of those rare ones.. Its an all out love story in the back drop of a road trip..Kasi and Sunny makes a good Duo and gets this road trip going..

Performance - Dulqer is top notch, he proves time and again what a fine subtle actor he is without tending to over do. After Fahad this is the next guy who has got raw talent when it comes to on screen persona. Yes this Guy can Act and he delivers here with one intense performance Sunny Wayne is good on par providing good support to Dulqer. Surja Bala apart from her good looks puts in a fine performance. Dhritiman Chatterjee for me dint prove any mettle on this one.

The Music is Brilliant by Rex Vijayan. He is ace on this one.. Cinematography is a class above , showing the beautiful locales,its a visual delight to see some of the shots.

Sameer Tahir - Post Chappa Kurishu, have hit a Jackpot yet again delivering for a niche audience.

Rest of the cast - Well they are OK. The gang of bikers which was vastly publicized fails to create any impact..A bunch of tough good looking bad ass Oldies all-right, but for each of them their acting has a lot to catch up. Not to be hard, the script dint demand them either.

Overall its one that demands you to hit the theaters this season and I would say this is one of those movies that at this age of online torrents, this is one Riveting ride that makes you feel good you happened to spend money to watch on.
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