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A pastiche
30 September 2013
This film is a pastiche and bears very little resemblance to the real man or the true facts of the case. It is riddled with errors from start to finish. Donald Neilson did not murder Lesley Whittle, he was not even present at the scene when she died. He fled on the night of the failed ransom drop leaving her alive and she died several days later after falling from the ledge. Anyone wanting to know the true facts of this case should read Harry Hawkes' book The Capture of the Black Panther and Adam Mars Jones book Lantern Lecture and put this film where it belongs - in the dustbin. Harry Hawkes followed the case from the beginning and was the only reporter to attend every one of Neilson's court appearances including the Court of Appeal in London. Adam Mars Jones is the son of the trial judge and acted as the Judge's Marshall at the trial. Mr Justice Mars Jones agreed with his son's conclusions on the case.
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