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Beautiful romance story
20 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Don't let the title fool you. It's cheesy and mushy, but the movie surprised me. I didn't expect it to be so good. It grabs you and doesn't let you go. The plot is kinda simple - 18-year-old heir Kang Jaekyung (played by Bin Hyeon) is a spoiled brat who is used to getting everything he wants. Alas, he will be entitled to his grandfather's millions only if he will graduate at particular school in particular place. At first he is being rebellious and all, but then he realizes that he's seeing this girl Choi Eunwhan (played by Yeonhee Lee) more often. Of course, the title suggests that he will fall in love. But it's trickier than it seems, because Eunwhan has a heart-disease and then the changes begin.

Everything is shown with such kindness and disengagement that it has ALMOST made me cry. I mean - ME, and I never cry during movies. What else. Well, nice job of director of photography and editor. Really nice. Also the OST is like wow. Do I have to tell you that I have the theme song on my play-list? :) And it is sung by Kim Jaejoong!! My baby <3 <3 + the whole TVXQ (Dong Bang Shin Ki) crew at the credits. Needless to say that I also have piano sheet music of Insa (theme song) and can read most of it in Hangul :) So yeah, if you want to see some true, natural and not exaggerated romance, this movie is for you. And guys, it has some fighting scenes as well :)
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Nice attempt on mystic thriller
23 January 2006
This has been some Asian year so far. Every single TV stations in my country are broadcasting lots of Asian movies. Of course, most of it is an English-dubbed junk, but in just one month, I've seen Crounching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; The House of Flying Daggers; Hero; Bischunmoo; Dolls; Zatoichi; Musa the Warrior; The Returner and now... 2009: Lost Memories.

I was very thrilled when I saw an announcement in the TV guide. The preview seemed to be very interesting and the fact that it was sort of collaboration between Korean and Japanese actors, made me think. I don't know Korean history well, but I realize that its relationship with Japan wasn't very good throughout the centuries. I'm rather baffled by the fact that most Koreans are learning Japanese at school while the Japanese doesn't do the opposite.

About the movie. Well, it really doesn't match Musa the Warrior. Not by a long shot. Yet, it's quite an indent, showing that Korean Movie industry is growing and it can offer us some great movies. What I liked about this movie the most, was that it has been tried to maintain a realistic mood, therefore - all the dialogs, that ought have been in Japanese, WERE in Japanese. Not like in American movies, where Russians, Poles, Chinese, Spanish and Finnish - all talk in English >__< The flow of action itself was rather sluggish, and I saw no point in editing all the action sequences in slow motion. It actually made my mind boggle. And perhaps I'm an absolutely dumb person, but I didn't quite get the real biography of Sakamoto, what he should have been in the REAL story line.

Nevertheless, this movie preaches all the general values: truth, courage, devotion, love of your homeland and respect. Being a Lithuanian I can understand Korean, because our own nation has been under the influence of Poland for centuries.

To put it into account, you have to see this movie, if you are interested in Asian cinema industry, because there is nothing more handsome than an Asian man crying: tears run down his face, eyes are full of grief and sorrow, but not a single face muscle stirs. Amazing.
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Out Live (2000)
I really enjoyed this movie
14 March 2005
I really liked watching this movie. I guess I was lucky to watch it in the original language. What impressed me the most, was the fighting scenes, that is, there were not much blood in them, especially when Jinha fought :) However, the grand finale was quite predictable... My biggest regard goes to the costume makers and the cinematographers of this movie. As usual, the Oriental films are characterized by awesome views of landscape and battle scenes, and the outfit of the characters. I just love when the panniers are fluttering in the wind. And of course, the long-haired guys ^__^ I guess, it was the Bichunmoo, which finally hitched me on the long-haired ones. Grazie mille to the stylists... Respect
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