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Don (I) (2006)
Slick film with a great climax
20 October 2006
Don - the chase begins is an OK movie with a GREAT climax. I mean its one of those things that hit u on the head when u come out of the theatre. If you go to see Don hoping that its climax be something like the original : be warned for a real shock.

First things first The story is more or less the same as the original , with a couple of twists and turns here n there.Shahrukh Khan is don , the mafia drug dealer in Malaysia .He is also vijay ,the pa an chewing Ganny ka chorra. The old don dies in an accident and vijay his hamshakal(lookalike) is sent to dupe the original and leak secrets . Things take a bad turn for vijay when the cop Desilva ( boman irani)who got him to do the drama dies and he gets into a fix. How he get s out n proves his innocence(!!) is the rest of the movie .Priyanka chopra is Roma and Arjun rampal is Jasjit and they r right out of the previous movie.

The new don is very gadget friendly and all throughout the movie has a slick feel to it with all the shiny cars , cellphones and gadgets. Screenplay is racy almost throughout.

Farhan Akhtar and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy were the only reasons why I went on to see Don on the first day itself.Otherwise I thought remaking a Bachchan movie with Shahrukh Khan was a bad idea. But King Khan fits in quite easily , does some amazing action sequences and goes on to give a fine performance. However somehow you feel that an Abhishek or Akshay would have made a bit more of impact.

Overall : A really great climax+fine performance from SRK&irani+great songs+racy screenplay = 8/10 that don gets ;)
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Chanakyan (1989)
Revenge- Kamal Hassan style
27 May 2005
The plot of the movie is quite familiar : the poor man meets rich girl girl falls in love.. poor man says no girl nags on .. poor man agrees... and evil father-in-law makes life miserable for poor man.But don't let that stop you from watching the movie - it is refreshingly interesting.That is mainly because of the trio of Kamal Hassan,Thilakan and Jayaram. They fit in so well into their roles as if they were born into them. Kamal Hassan puts up an extremely brilliant performance , both as Johnson the unemployed church choir violinist and as Johnson the intelligent avenger who weaves the web around his enemy with infinite accuracy.Thilakan too puts up a great show as MadhavaMenon, the chief minister of Kerala(!)whose daughter Renu(Urmila) is in love with Johnson.He takes every trick in the book to make Johnson leave his daughter alone but as they say Love is blind ( ..and silly) and so he goes for the extreme measure .He ruins Johnson's family .. makes them commit suicide and leaves a very battered Johnson to rot in a railway track. Johnson gets a double shock as he learns that Renu committed suicide.

What does he do? Unlike the ordinary hero who would either drink and die or takes up an axe to hack the villain,he decides to ruin MadhavaMenon's life slowly and steadily.He uses Jayaram to mimic Mr Menon's voice and switches his election campaign ... first on radio and then on TV .. then he makes huge withdrawals from banks from the CM's fund ... and finally traps the CM in a nail biting climax. Jayaram's love interests and Madhu as the investigating officer consist the further part of the movie. The movie Chanakyan also introduces Urmila Matonkar into filmdom but she doesn't have much to do except look pretty.

And of course there is that theme music that follows Kamal Hassan around as he goes on in search of his prey.The music is simply scintillating and it makes you feel so very involved in the film. Mohan Sithara can take credit for that.

Overall it is a good bet if you are interested in a good revenge-seeker film and I give it a 9/10 ( the one point taken of due to the excessive dosage of drama) and be sure to watch it on a stormy Saturday evening..
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C.I.D. Moosa (2003)
The name's moosa ...cid moosa
19 May 2005
CID MOOSA Released in 2003 cast: Dilip,Bhavana,Jagathi Sreekumar,Murali,Ashish Vidhyarthi

The basic plot of the movie is quite simple . Dilip(Sahadevan)is an unemployed youth who's ambition is to be police officer.His dreams ,however,are shattered when he is declared unfit for the force by his brother in law(jagathi)and Ashish vidhyarthi.Hence he decides to take sweet revenge by setting up his own private investigation firm .By sheer good luck he manages to crack some sensational cases and becomes a favourite in the squad. Add to this a few songs,some funny moments , a few James-Bondish gimmicks and that irrepressible Salim Kumar and voilà you have CIDMoosa. Riding on the huge success of Meesamadhavan , this venture by Johny Antony and Dilip has become a big hit as well .

A good family movie with a lot of moments to laugh- that's CID Moosa
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