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Gung snap crackle pop Ho!
11 June 2006
This a great movie that reflects the politics of the day, I believe that movies not only serve as entertainment but also as historical documents, giving us insight into language, culture, fashion and political and racial issues. This movie is no exception The story is great, the development of the marine raiders into an elite fighting force who go on to attack Makin Island. Its difficult to stay in a PC state of mind when the fighting starts. However, it brings it all back to us at the end of the movie when when Colonel Thorwald (Randolp Scott) makes his final speech and pays tribute to the many who died to make sure that the evil, such as seen in the far east during the late 1930s and early 1940s should never happen again. I only wish that leaders of the modern world had time to watch and pay attention.....

On DVD its cheap, but still its disappointing to see such a great movie which has not been given at least a little touching up in audio or video. The quality of the sound and picture are extremely poor. Things went from bad to worse when the disc that I purchased would not play between minutes 30 and 40. Its most disappointing when distributors of films such as this do not seem to want to acknowledge that many of those who collect movies these days have better home theatre systems and poor quality shows up badly.

Unless you are desperate to watch this movie I would wait until the necessary restoration work has been done before making a purchase.
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The Navy Lark (1959)
Classic British Comedy
6 May 2006
Here is another great old British comedy from the 1950s about life in the British Navy just after WWII. I believe this film is up there with the Carry on films and "Doctor" series, indeed sharing some of the same cast such as Hattie Jacques, Cecil parker, Nicholas Phipps and Leslie Phillips. The Navy Lark should be given the respect of a release on DVD soon.

I remember watching the movie about ten years ago on TV and thoroughly enjoying it at the time. Its a great put your feet up, disengage brain and enjoy experience.

If you are a fan of Carry on you will also be a fan of the Navy Lark
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Illegal Business (2006 Video)
Th 10th movie from the brothers
29 March 2006
This is the 10th movie collaboration from the brothers Ed and Jose Quiroz, with so much experience I would have expected better. The movie is centered on two gangsters who are working for Lead man played by Victor Sarigosa. On the acting front, most actors look very uncomfortable in their stance and some of the actors appeared to have trouble walking. Jose Rosete shines way way above the other actors and I believe saves the movie from being just awful, but even so, he is well below par. The film gets off to a shaky start, I initially thought that I had sat down in front of an adult movie, after about twenty or so minutes the film picked up pace and with some very good editing it became very good and dare I say engrossing, the most striking observation at this point is that there is little if no dialogue and each scene is cut to bare minimum in length. Overall it is the script and cinematography that lets this movie down more than anything but having said that, the camera work is probably good considering what equipment I imagine the crew are using. More noticeable is a lack of attention to detail. For instance the homes where most of the filming takes place are believed to belong to these tough criminals but the decor and level of cleanliness, not to mention a vase of flowers which wanders into shot several times leads us to think that they are the homes of middle aged ladies, which kept me thinking that these guys live with their mothers, but where are they? If this had been the first film by the Quirozes I believe it would have been a good attempt, however, after more than ten films apiece the product is very poor. Sorry guys
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DMZ (2004)
fun at the DMZ gets serious
24 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie based on the semi-autobiographical novel of director Lee Kyu-hyung. "A private's journey" tells the tale of a young film maker Ji Hoon (played by Kim Jung-hun) during his mandatory conscription period .

Set in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea, the film starts off as a comedy, reminiscent of the Popsicle movies of the late 70's. Korean soldiers immaturely clowning around showing body parts and generally misbehaving with plenty of sexual innuendo. At this point the movie is not worthy of comment, Lee tries to moderate the content by bringing in South Korean leaders particularly Sergeant Min Gee (Park Gun-jung) who try in vain to instill some sense of discipline into the rebellious troops. Over the course of the film, things become more serious as the threat from the North becomes real to the troops on duty, and their respect for their leader grows. At this point the film is more watchable and more engrossing.

Lee does not fully put the point across as to the great extent that the cold war has partitioned his country, to a Korean audience I am sure that it needs no explanation, but he does adequately show the effects of the partition on the culture of the country, the western style uniforms and sound track is a reference to the many years of American interest in South Korea, at one point an American soldier trades snake wine for western cigarettes, the impact of the western influence on South Korea is unmistakable. At the same time the Northern forces are very serious, there is no public masturbation or shenanigans in the ranks and propaganda is used to encourage the troops, their leaders are telling the troops that the South is on the point of collapse and that they must take their opportunity to reunite the country, in its turn the communist side shows the close links with China to the north.

Lee Kyu-hyungs story unfolds and fatalities occur, providing Ji Hoon with a very swift education, which binds him to his sergeant and buddies.
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