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Logan (2017)
Nice way to close a trilogy and open a new one
2 March 2017
Been waiting for this movie since long time, and it is worth the wait. Very new perspective of the producers (to see the Wolvie age and lose his ability to heal), and throughout the movie Logan's characters are gradually revealed. At first a little annoying, then the disturbance grows as situations get worse. At some point I really dislike our hero cause he seems to give up on everything (except for his instinct to run , as a wolf) and swears a lot (even to the blood of his own). However, as the actions progress, the deepest of his heart also has been revealed - the love for his family, his friends, and his kind - mutants. Death is the only redemption, and he got his death with dignity, love, and fulfillment. Sad to see the end, but we all believe the Wolverine spirit always live, especially in his daughter Laura (what a cool kid she is, haha).
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Some details are a little illogical, but great movie to watch overall
31 March 2016
Went to see the Pandas with my partner after these two wonderful prequels, with warning from my friends that this film is not as good as the others, we still have lots of fun and laughters and, of course, lessons.

There is an important come-back in this part, though little, still proves to be the greatest master. Love the idea of the panda family - that's where strength really comes from. However, the way that "strength" is unleashed is a little confusing to us both - is it just love from the heart, from the father, the friends, or is it of some other source of spiritual belief - still caught me thinking. As usual, our hero comes back super at the end, but yet does not impress me quite well.

Leaving all that behind, Kung Fu Panda 3 is hilariously fun and relaxing. Everything is cute, from the drawings, lines, fightings, tricks (haha). We laughed from the beginning til the end. Storyline is also easy enough to catch up even for children, and we are happy that finally our Pandan Hero manages to find out who he truly is.

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Kukhnya (2012– )
The most amazing comedy series on Earth, Kukhnya ("Kitchen" in English) delivers enormous energy to life
3 January 2016
I was introduced to the series by a friend who enjoys discovering films and series, and was impressed ever since the first episode. I have spent the next few weeks grinding all available episodes while eager to see the next ones coming. This series is not entirely about cooking, it is about life in a first-class restaurant's cooking area and furthermore, life itself. A young man with ambition and talent who had been offered a "position" in the kitchen came to it with hope of becoming the greatest chef in the world before gradually realizing how hard it could turn out. A Bolsevik boss, naughty and materialistic colleagues, and tons of hot chicks - not to mention very related irrelevant strangers - all make up for the twists and solutions of the series. Each season have 20 eps, and each end opens up a new horizon, a new perspective to discover our characters to a deeper level. At the end of each episode is life lesson and sum-up, which makes the 25-minute motion picture even more meaningful to viewers. A must- watch for all age.
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Ip Man 3 (2015)
Deep into life of the Master
3 January 2016
We do not see much fighting as part of Ip Man's action in here - we see his soul and dedication to China the country. We see a man with all heart to his wife - ready to give up who he is just to be with her till the last days. We see a father who would do anything, even if that means disgracing his beings, to save his children. We see a citizen that stands up against the bad guys, single-handedly defeating them all to bring peace to the streets. And still, we see a great master. All fighting scenes are highly precise and beautifully performed, I love the 3-minute versus battle - where 2 genres of martial arts collide and finish in a very fair act of both. Also I enjoy the moments of husband-and-wife, almost cry for that. You can find laughters in some parts - that makes the movie closer to life. The end is somehow not satisfactory to my own expectation - reason why I deduct 1 star from 10 - yet to end the trilogy in an acceptable way.
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