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The World is Not Beautiful, Therefore It Is
12 November 2017
I've been a fan of Kino No Tabi since I first saw the 2003 mini- series in 2013. It was a coincidence, with the passing of Ryūtarō Nakamura that same year.

Nakamura is also known for directing Serial Experiments Lain, so his style is easily recognizable. The reason I bring up Nakamura is that he set a high standard for Kino, even with his limited use of animation.

Kino No Tabi: The Animated Series tries to adapt some of his techniques from the 2003 series (something I've noticed). I am impressed to say that even with the different art style and voice actors, it still feels distinctly "Kino," as if Nakamura were involved in this production.

My hope is that this series will stay on the path of philosophical discussion. My favorite episodes from the mini-series are "A Tale of Feeding Off Others," and "A Kind Land," some stories that got me hooked on Kino for the depth of stories they present.

Regarding the art style of the 2017 series, it's a tad moe, and that can be off-putting for some people. But I feel it's in the line of art that Kuroboshi provided for the recent light novels. I also think their use of colors, especially for the op, is beautiful!

Some people complain about the excessive use of guns, but I don't have any complaints about that. It's a prominent theme throughout the light novels.

My only complaint as an avid Kino fan is that they didn't put Mikuni Shimokawa in the singing spot, or Ai Maeda (the original Kino) on the cast.
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A Different Perspective
4 January 2016
"Ghost in the Shell" is well-known for its philosophical pondering, and elegantly brutal combat scenes. Ghost in the Shell: Arise takes things a step down, but none the less executes a beautiful story of the origins of Section 9.

A lot has changed in terms of style and character, but that does not bother me one bit considering Ghost in the Shell is a world where bodies can be easily constructed or swapped for one's personal satisfaction. I really like the Major's younger appearance!

Although the short series does not dive into philosophy as much as Stand Alone Complex, it's still there. The series did make me think, just not as much. However, Mamoru Oshii seemed not to have been involved in this project (he's the director who gifted the vision of the two movies, and was an adviser for SAC).

FUNimation did spectacular with the voice acting. The four episodes of "Arise" was worth watching on my part!

If you're interested in watching the new movie, best to watch "Arise" first.
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