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Stairway to Heaven (2003– )
Stairways To Heaven
11 September 2005
When 'Stairways to Heaven' was first aired in Korea,it broke TV ratings records,not only that,when aired in the region,it received great viewer ship too.Though I would not say that its plot is original,yet it is much captivating and moving compared to other drama of the same kind-'Winter Sonata' and 'An Autumn's Tale'.It is a drama full of ups and downs,portraying four young adult's struggle in face of love.Four different adults,having their different perspective towards love and how they present their love.A purist,a sentimentalist,a selfless admirer and an opportunist.The drama slowly reveals their characteristic and what fate holds for them.The best actor in the show would be Kwon Sang Woo.When interviewed,one of the 'Stairways to Heaven'staff said,"Because Sangwoo cried so sadly, all the staff cried too." Indeed,his acting skills received much praises.Therefore,don't miss this drama,for its a once in the life time show.
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