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Adderly (1986–1988)
Still remember it
16 September 2005
I used to love this show. It was one of a group of shows that were being produced in Ontario.

The lead character of V.H. Adderly was a former field agent for an intelligence agency. The opening credits show how he got set-up and captured by the bad guys, who maim one of his hands. Unable to continue in the field he gets reassigned to a desk in a department that handles such important matters as escorting "chipmunk scouts" on field trips.

Naturally Adderly sought every opportunity to prove he was still one of the best, even if he had to "loosely interpret" his orders. Ably assisted by Mona, the office secretary who dreams of being a female James Bond, and hampered by their bean counting rule following supervisor, the team never failed to provide a fun entertaining episode.

If they'd release the series on DVD I'd be in line when the store opened.
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