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Weathering with You is as beautiful as Your Name
9 January 2020
I just loved this film so much. There is no denying how beautiful and amazing the story was along with its realistic animation and visuals from no other than Makoto Shinkai. The romantic chemistry between the two leads, Hodaka and Hina are just so adorable and can easily relate to. But what struck me the most not only the animation but also its writing. That made me cry to tears and touched my heart so much. I hope that this animated film would at least be nominated for major awards, most especially Best Animated Feature in the Oscars 2020. Totally worth the watch.
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Mindanao (2019)
Mindanao - My Most Favorite Filipino Film
4 January 2020
In the Philippines, Mindanao has always suffered from the ongoing war that the citizens experience due to the ongoing fight of the government and the rebels. That is how the 2019 film starring Judy Ann Santos and Allen Dizon depict the story. We see both the beauty and sadness of the third region in the Philippines as the animation lightens up the mood while the live-action features the reality of Mindanao. Brillante Mendoza's direction is nearly flawless in every scene it shows, giving emphasis to each one of them. This is a film that is so timeless and heartbreaking to see that every Filipino should try giving it a watch. Mindanao is something that people should expound upon its meaning that is being conveyed in the film.
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Miracle in Cell No. 7 - A Great Filipino Adaptation on the 2013 Korean Movie
25 December 2019
Miracle in Cell No. 7, starring big actors including Aga Muhlach, Bela Padilla and child star Xia Vigor and one of the movies part of the Metro Manila Film Festival, is an amazing and absolute must-watch for everyone, with the cast and storytelling being one of the greatest elements being used in the film.

The casting is spot on, with Aga Muhlach as Lito, the father of Yesha (Xia Vigor) is probably one of his best performances yet as someone who has disabilities. Xia Vigor does well in being the energetic and optimistic child makes a great chemistry with Aga Muhlach. The friendly inmates including Joel Torre, Mon Confiado, JC Santos,Jojit Lorenzo and Soliman Cruz suit an amazing bond with one another, a symbolism of newfound friendship with Aga and Xia's characters. John Arcilla on the other hand, as always, keeps his veteran acting at his best.

The story unfolded very well just like in the 2013 Korean film. However, being set in the Philippine context makes the film even more interesting. To see how death penalty is reflected in the film by the cast makes this very symbolical, for me, that death penalty is truly unfair for those who are innocent and have done nothing wrong at all.

Nuel C. Naval's take on the 2013 Korean film is absolute genius and will definitely make you feel emotional a lot.
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Frozen II (2019)
Frozen 2 was surprisingly very good for me
3 December 2019
Frozen 2 was actually not in my top watchlist for 2019 films. The only reason why I decided to watch it was because of the trailer since I had no idea what was going on and what it was going to be all about.

So I watched it almost 2 days after its release. And like wow, I did not expect any of it from the first.

Like how they revealed the origin of Elsa's powers was unbelievable. The story was amazing and was somewhat carrying a deeper message than the original one.

I liked how they managed to bring out more great songs which are actually better than the first. In terms of song, I would pick Frozen 2, with Kristoff's song "Lost in the Woods" being my most favorite.

The writing was also amazing. Olaf was really funny whenever he is given the spotlight or have something to say. I liked the chemistry of the whole gang, and even Anna's relationship between Kristoff and Elsa.

Overall, Frozen 2 was actually amazing. If I were to choose between the sequel and the original, I would have picked Frozen 2 in terms of story, songs and writing. Trust me, for those who are big fans of the 2013 masterpiece, you are definitely going to enjoy the 2019 sequel film.
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Hello World Film Review
30 October 2019
Hello World was a great film. The story at first might seem a bit slow but as you continue on watching it, you would not expect that things would go on an uphill battle between what is reality or not. The characters were also great particularly the present and future version of the main protagonist. The visuals will really remind you of Sword Art Online and Doctor Strange. The theme of the film was amazing also, willing to fix everything for that one romance that everyone deserves.

All in all, I would say that Hello World is a great combination of Doctor Strange and Sword Art Online.
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Infinity Train (I) (2019– )
Infinity Train is an Amazing Cartoon
7 August 2019
For those who are big fans of Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, then Infinity Train is a great recommendation. If you started on episode 1 already, there is no way you can't love this. With such a unique plot, as well as how they portrayed the train as the main problem and ride of the show, and also great characters like One One and Tulip, you can easily find yourself in one hell of a fantasy and sci-fi adventure thriller.
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Fruits Basket (2019– )
Fruits Basket Gives Honor To Its Anime and Manga
25 May 2019
While I am currently at episode 7, I couldn't stop myself from watching this anime. It was just like its original one, however its making me watch and follow the series more than its predecessor. The characters are still great especially with the voice acting in Japanese and English. The personality of Tohru Honda, her chemistry with the members of the Sohma family as well as the conflict of Kyo Sohma trying to adapt school life are the ones that I highlight its great key points as well as the feels have became realistic and touching as ever. Nonetheless, this anime never disappointed me like the 2001 version.
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Fruits Basket (2001)
Fruits Basket - 9/10 Amazing
5 May 2019
In all honesty, I just recently watched this anime last March 5, 2019 since I got curious about it as well as hearing that the anime has received the reboot which was now released this April 2019. So I decided to start watching Fruits Basket.

As I started watching the series halfway, I didn't actually realize that this anime made me want more of it so much.

I love the protagonists of the characters, Tohru, Yuki, Shigure and Kyo but I praise the main star of the anime so much, for giving such a cute and inspiring personality that I haven't seen from any animes that much. However, the family members of the Sohma were somehow rushed like they just appeared quickly but weren't given that much of attention but I still find them interesting to see.

The story of the anime as a whole is not that complete as I agree with the readers of its manga though I still find it satisfying enough for everyone to enjoy.

The theme of the show is both balance: joyful and emotional at the same time. This is where the audience might get to the feels on the characters backstories as well as their progression in their daily lives, trying to cope up with the normal people while also hiding their secrets from them.

All in all, Fruits Basket is amazing and I give it a 9 out of 10. It is different and very unique from any anime. I would be happy to recommend this anime so much that I hope that everyone would watch this.
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Avengers Endgame is an Amazing Film
28 April 2019
Avengers Endgame is one of the most excellent film that has ever been made this 21st century. With all of the 22 films culminated in one huge and complex story, the film satisfies the international community with an emotional and still an action-packed film that everyone will never forget, marking the end of an old era and giving way for more new characters and stories along the way for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Devilman: Crybaby Review
19 June 2018
Devilman: Crybaby is about Akira Fudo transforming into Devilman, possessing the powers of a demon but retaining the soul of a human.

Devilman: Crybaby is literally one of the most unexpected shows, especially animated series that I have ever watched in all of my life. Why? Well for one, comparing it to the original Devilman, I find this anime leveling up it's horror and thriller to the max and it totally did, with so much gore, violence and surprisingly, some sexual content in it and some sort of the feels and dramas in it.

But those are not only the reasons why I find this anime great. Not only it became surprisingly good than its predecessor, but I find it kind of cool that it still stuck with the original way of how the story did with a 10-episode story rather than the first with only having a 2-episode story.

Overall, it was awesome. It was so scary. As in every next scene it shows, I never expect them to be that much of a surprise and thrills than I have ever seen.

For those who want some horror, try Devilman: Crybaby. Cuz you will literally gonna take a ride to a living hell.
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Best Musical since 2016's La La Land
27 May 2018
The greatest form of art is that of making people happy - and it truly didn't let us down.

Among all of the musicals that I have seen, this is one of those films wherein it's songs are so addicting and it is entertaining to watch it over and over again, from its beginning, up until its conclusion. This is literally something unforgettable that even in our old times we can still cherish it. Absolutely memorable, musical and most importantly, entertaining.
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A Total Must Watch!
6 May 2017
When I first saw the first episode, I find it very funny from the start of it until first half of the season. Once I reached it second half, I find it much more exciting to watch.

In the second season, all I can say is that this is series is already going from better to best.

So in conclusion, I find this show a highly-recommended, must watch series since its so hard not to forget. Especially its characters and story, I would really like to continue watching this until how Star and Marco's story continue.

I highly recommend everyone to watch it and rate it from 8 - 10.
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