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Purple Haze (1982)
Best movie, showing the true generation gap in the sixties.
20 September 2005
This movie is very hard to find, doesn't even have it. The music sound track was one thing, but the thing I liked most was the father/son relationship. Main character gets kicked out of college for smoking (while Johnson announces he won't run again, and they all clap and cheer), comes home (hitch-hikes) with long hair, and has a conversation with his father. Late 60's, the father just couldn't understand why his son would want dress like that and have hair like a G.D. girl. You hate the father, but at the same time, you love him and understand what his frustration must be like. I grew up in the 80's this movie really shows what it must have been like in the 60's to cause so many people to just drop out (and tune in & turn on).
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