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Erkenci Kus (2018–2019)
Cute Series with Amazing Chemistry between the Lead Pair
19 July 2018
This series is so far engaging and cute. Can's character really suited him especially it really wipes out the image of Ferit of Dolunay. Can & Sanem's characters are full of life, vibrant and cute and loved both of their dressings.

The story until now is engaging yet not different but I am hoping it will be a hit as far as it seems to be.
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Dolunay (2017)
Amazing Start.... Poor Ending
21 June 2018
I think Dolunay was an amazing series at the start and it had so many aspects to explore that it would have promised two to three more seasons, but it turns out from an amazing series, with crisp short scenes to the end with long dragged scenes to the poorly executed Last Episode.

What are Plus points for me?

1. Exceptional Chemistry Between Ferit and Nazli 2. Amazing Romantic Scenes that you will like to watch again and again 3. Can Yaman (Ferit) is really good in doing romance scenes that you believe them to be true. 4. Outstanding sense of Humor and comic scenes between Ferit and Nazli, even when the situation is tense between them 5. Bulut (Ferit's Newphew) has some brilliant acting skills (I sometimes felt he gave more expressions than Ferit himself) 6. It has a slight touch of Fifty Shades of Grey (in a good way not in terms of romance) but humor scenes and note writing scenes and the avatar of Ferit and Nazli actuallu reminds you of Mr. Grey and Anastasia.

What are negatives for me? 1. Can Yaman's overall acting and expressions need to improve as he really sometimes gives no or either constipated look which pisses you off. 2. No need of Episode 26, as it was just a concert with several songs. 3. Needed a proper ending. 4. Side Cast's scenes in last 5 episodes were more than 6, 6 minutes which was unnecessary and boring to that extent that I had completely skipped those parts.

But overall Its still amazing series especially the chemistry between Ferit and Nazli is plus point of the series that you can re watch their parts again
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Our Story (2017–2019)
Amazing Series
30 April 2018
This series is not only engaging but fits to many communities of our society who live under the line of poverty. Yet it doesn't forget the element of humor which makes it a perfect combination to watch.
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