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Tuo shen (2018)
Chen Kun, The Amazing Actor
5 October 2018
Watched this after finishing The Rise of Phoenixes as I can't get enough of Chen Kun. Enjoyed to see two roles of the Qiao Brothers. The serious / nerd and the playful / smart aleck Qiao Brothers. Thumbs up to Chen Kun.
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The Best Chinese Historical Drama Ever
5 October 2018
This drama made me so gaga into Chen Kun. Never had I watched a Chinese historical drama like this. Simply beyond my expectations. The anger, love, sadness of Chen Kun and other actors feels so real that you won't feel that they are acting. Plenty of times I cried when 'Ning Yi' cried. It's so heart wrenching.

The soundtrack of this drama is so enticing. The beauty of this show is every actors using their original voices that you can really feel the reality of this show instead of those usual dramas where their voices were dubbed again. Introduced this drama to my colleagues and everyone rushed to watch this and now having withdrawal syndrome after finishing it.

Suggest not to skip any content of the show. Once skipped, you are unable to follow the storyline. Everything that was said and did are all connected. My friend skipped the evil plotting of the royal siblings and she ended up rewinding it coz she failed to understand.

Towards the last few episodes, 'Ning Yi' reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow :)
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