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Pathetic film but I would still recommend it
1 May 2007
You've got to watch it to know what I mean. No attempt has been make the film intentionally funny. But the overall effect is just that - you simply can't help laughing at the scenes and characters in the movie. Like at the "ghost" that's forever hiding part of his face with a black cloak because he's a ghost and ought to look scary. Well, he looks as scary as Charlie Chaplin at Times Square on a hot, sunny afternoon. They got just about everything wrong starting from make-up to music to dialogs. There's continuity gaps. The one thing they did do right was in picking the fat policeman that dies and eventually becomes a ghost. He was so ugly that he looked convincing as a ghost in spite of a horrible make-up job. feel welcome to watch it. It's a study in bad cinema
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Superb Songs
20 October 2006
I don't remember this movie much anymore; I watched it as a kid. However, the songs are immortal. Especially- "Na jaa kahin ab na jaa". Dharmendra and Sharmila were among the more attractive film stars of Bollywood back then. Or perhaps among the most attractive ever. Lata's 'Chalo Sajna Jahaan tak ghataa chale' is another timeless beauty. In my book, this is Laxmikant-Pyarelal's best musical. This was a period of changes for Bollywood. In less than a year, Hindi cinema was to witness the birth of new superstar in Rajesh Khanna. It would also mark the end of Md. Rafi's reign as the numero uno playback singer of Bollywood to be replaced by Kishore Kumar. That would mark the beginning of another golden era in Bollywood music, but that's got to be the topic of another discussion.
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